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Corporate English Services in Atlanta

The population of Metro Atlanta has become increasingly diverse. Between 2000 and 2010, Metro Atlanta’s population of foreign-born residents grew from approximately 425,000 to over 700,000. That is a staggering 69 percent increase. Foreign-born residents now make up roughly 13 percent of Metro Atlanta’s overall population. Nearly 17 percent of the residents of the city of Atlanta are non-native English speakers.

Metro Atlanta’s immigrant population is more affluent than that of many other cities. Atlanta has the 11th highest ratio of foreign-born residents who live in the suburbs to those who live in the city proper. These foreign-born suburbanites represent a diverse group of individuals. Many are business professionals who have come to Metro Atlanta to work for companies that are interested in assembling the best team possible from wherever possible.

The English proficiency of these foreign-born professionals varies widely. While 83 percent of Metro Atlanta’s foreign-born population reported speaking English at home, less than half of those who responded to the most recent census reported speaking English “very well.”

This growing population of professionals who possess a limited knowledge of English and how it applies to the business world underscores the need for business English classes in an increasingly global marketplace. The lack of a shared business language between non-native and native English speaking colleagues increases the potential for miscommunication and misunderstanding. This, in turn, impacts the productivity of both non-native and native English speakers. It also limits the possibilities of advancement for dedicated, driven non-native English speaking professionals.

We offer the following business English classes below in the Metro Atlanta area.

On-Site Business English

Our on-site Business English courses focus on the practical application of basic language usage skills, with a special emphasis on the unique vocabulary and grammar of the business world. Business English classes maximize understanding and efficient implementation of English in professional settings.

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Public Speaking

English Island Public Speaking courses train business professionals in the skills necessary to deliver effective presentations at all levels of the corporate world. Professionals learn how to effectively organize and convey information in a clear, concise, and confident manner to their target audience.

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Proper grammar usage is essential for all types of business correspondence. Our Business Grammar and Writing classes provide professionals with a thorough understanding of the basics of English grammar and how that grammar applies specifically to the business world.

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Accent Reduction

Accent Reduction courses at The English Island help to remove barriers to communication and professional development faced by non-native English speakers by training them in clear, consistent standards of pronunciation that are easily understood by the vast majority of native English speakers.


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