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Atlanta Business Grammar Classes

Proper grammar usage is essential for all types of business correspondence. Professionals who can write clearly and correctly are an invaluable resource for companies. When emails, memos, reports, and other types of business correspondence contain basic grammatical errors, they can lead to misunderstandings and a lowering of the esteem of one’s company in the eyes of potential clients. The English Island’s Business Grammar and Writing classes can help eliminate these lost opportunities. Our classes provide professionals with a thorough understanding of the basics of English grammar and how it applies specifically to the business world.

English Island Business Grammar classes cover all aspects of business writing. Students are taught how to identify and correct common grammar errors, including errors in mood, tense, and subject-verb agreement. Students learn how to build grammatically correct English sentences and how to organize those sentences so that ideas flow in a logical and natural-sounding order.

Native and non-native English speakers alike can benefit from English Island Business Grammar classes. Non-native speakers are provided with simple, effective techniques for navigating the sometimes-confusing rules of English grammar. Professionals whose first language is English are retrained in the correct use of grammar, unlearning the types of errors and “bad habits” that native speakers unconsciously acquire. Both native and non-native speakers will learn to how to select the appropriate grammar to suit a particular business situation and how to identify instances where the rules of business grammar override those of standard, everyday writing.

Business Grammar and Writing courses offered by The English Island are custom-designed to fit the busy schedules of professionals. Our combination of on-site instruction and flexible hours creates a language-learning experience that fits seamlessly around existing professional commitments. Students are given formal assessments of their current proficiency in English grammar and writing, and any problem areas are identified. Courses are then tailor-made to address both the specific needs of the students and the unique challenges of their particular workplace. All English Island Business Grammar and Writing courses are taught by experienced, highly-trained, and passionate educators who specialize in the specific English language skills necessary to communicate effectively in a professional environment.


The business grammar classes that The English Island designed for my company dramatically improved the quality of my colleagues’ and my own writing. The English Island provided us with clear and consistent standards for business writing. Now we can be sure that any email, internal or external, represents our company in the best light possible.

Shiqi Jin

Atlanta Resident from China

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