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Atlanta Public Speaking Courses from The Language Island

Opportunities to present in the business and corporate world are quite common. Business briefings, internal corporate meetings, customer events, business plan reviews, sales meetings, corporate education sessions, and countless other business-related activities require professionals to speak in front of an audience. Whether addressing an internal audience of one’s coworkers or an external audience of potential clients, professionals must be able to convey information in a clear, concise, and confident manner. Poorly prepared presentations and inadequate public speaking skills can negatively impact existing or potential business relationships, as well as opportunities for advancement on the part of the speaker.

Language Island Public Speaking courses train business professionals in the skills necessary to deliver effective presentations at all levels of the corporate world. Professionals taking Language Island courses will learn how to:

  • Overcome nervousness and speak confidently in front of any group
  • Prepare and organize ideas
  • Successfully engage, inspire, and influence listeners
  • Speak clearly and loudly
  • Dynamically adjust the tone, speed, and volume of their voice to reinforce their message
  • Avoid using filler words and verbal pauses
  • Effectively incorporate gestures that reinforce their message

Public Speaking courses offered by The Language Island are custom-designed to fit the busy schedules of professionals. The Language Island’s combination of on-site instruction and flexible hours creates a language learning experience that fits seamlessly around existing professional commitments. Students are given formal assessments that accurately measure their current degree of success in public speaking, as well as their particular strengths and weaknesses. Courses are then tailor-made to address both the specific needs of the students and the unique challenges of their particular workplace. All Language Island public speaking courses are taught by experienced, highly-trained, and passionate educators who specialize in the specific public speaking skills necessary to communicate effectively in a professional business environment.

I used to dread having to speak during meetings. I’d talk too fast, lose my place, and forget to include important points. The English Island changed all of that. Their public speaking program gave me the tools and the confidence I needed to deliver effective presentations and speak extemporaneously when called upon in meetings. Now I even present at conferences, addressing rooms full of my peers like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Ishani Sultan

Atlanta Resident from India

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