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International Program Admissions Requirements

The English Island has specific requirements for acceptance into the International Student Program. You will find the admissions requirements below. Please read over them carefully, and contact The English Island if you have any questions.

In order to enroll in our 18-hour-per-week international student program, a student must meet the following requirements:

  • Students must be age 17 or older, preferably with a high school diploma for his/her country.
  • Students must be literate in their own languages.
  • Students must have the financial capability to undertake our program.
  • Students who do not meet some of these qualifications (particularly the literacy qualifications) and live in-country may be enrolled in private lessons in order to work up to the level where they may apply for entrance to our program.

Placement Procedure

Before entering class, you will take the BEST Plus speaking test to determine your levels.  This speaking exam places you in one of the designated NRS Levels—Beginning Literacy, Low Beginning, High Beginning, Low Intermediate, High Intermediate, or Advanced. You are eligible for general courses and electives based on your placement scores.  In some cases, you may take a written placement exam as well to ensure proper placement.


All of our classes align with the National Reporting Standards. The chart below gives a summary of our current classes and how they correspond to these standards.

NRS General Pronunciation Conversation/Vocabulary Grammar Business Writing
Beginning Literacy Level 1A, 1B BL Vocabulary I, BL Vocabulary II Phonics I, Phonics II
Low Beginning Level 2A, 2B Conversation I, Conversation II Grammar I,Grammar II
High Beginning Level 3A, 3B Conversation I,Conversation II Grammar III,Grammar IV
Low Intermediate Level 4A, 4B Pronunciation I,Pronunciation II Conversation III,Conversation IV Grammar V,Grammar VI,


Business English I, Business English II
High Intermediate Level 5A, 5B Pronunciation III Conversation III,Conversation IV Grammar VIIGrammar VIII,

Grammar IX

Business English III, Business English IV
Advanced Grammar X Business English V, Business English VI,Business English VII, Business English VIII


Attendance Policy

All ESL students must be in class every day on time. Attendance in all classes is required. Students must have a minimum of 80% attendance overall at all times and to receive a certificate of completion.



Students who complete 3 terms of our 18-hour program, have an overall average of C+ or higher, and have an overall attendance percentage of 80 percent are eligible to graduate.


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