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Certified Interpreters from The Language Island


We work very closely with only the best companies to recommend services not offered at The English Island.

Professional interpreters provide an essential service in an increasingly global marketplace. Whether the client’s company is pitching products at events or conducting crucial negotiations with overseas clients, professional interpreters are more than just an instantaneous translation service. They are an extension of a company and it’s brand.

The Language Island takes this responsibility seriously. TLI team of professional interpreters is an elite group of experienced language interpretation experts. Many are native speakers of the languages that they interpret. All are certified by the American Translators Association, the leading professional organization in translating and interpreting, and are highly fluent in English and their target languages. These include Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, and Hindi. Click here for complete list of languages TLI can interpret.


Professional interpretation services are available on-site and remotely. TLI professional interpreters can work with you and your clients over the phone or meet with you at the location and time of your choosing. On-site services include both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. Consecutive interpretation is ideal for situations such as legal depositions and contract negotiations, where confidentially is paramount and a large number of interpreters would prove too costly and inefficient. Parties take turns speaking, and the interpreter relays the information from one party to the other. Simultaneous translation is much more complex, involving multiple interpreters working simultaneously to relay information to all parties present in real time. This type of interpretation is essential when there are people speaking many different languages, such as at international conferences.

TLI professional interpreters are equally adept at providing accurate interpretations in settings both large and small. Whether interpreting for conference speakers addressing a multilingual audience or assisting in negotiations between companies, English Island professional interpreters understand the strict standards necessary to provide accurate interpretations and the utmost need for confidentiality.

It was one of the best interpretation experience of my life. Professional interpreters provide accurate interpretations for my meeting. It helped my business a lot!

Amy Wang

Athens Resident from China

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