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  • Terms for group classes start every 6 weeks
  • Each class is 12 hours per week
  • A full program for graduation is 3 terms of the same class

Admission Requirements:

Before entering class, you will take the BEST Plus speaking test to determine your levels.  This speaking exam places you in one of the designated NRS Levels—Beginning Literacy, Low Beginning, High Beginning, Low Intermediate, High Intermediate, or Advanced. You are eligible for general courses and electives based on their placement scores.  In some cases, you may take a written placement exam as well to ensure proper placement.

If you think you are in the wrong level, you should speak to your teacher.  If the teacher does not feel you should move, you can enter a request with the School Director to retake the entrance exam for an opportunity to move up.

Moving levels in the middle of the term is generally not possible except in special cases.

Attendance Policy:

All ESL students must be in class every day on time. Attendance in all classes is required. Students must have a minimum of 80% attendance overall at all times and to receive a certificate of completion. There are no excused absences for any reason. Students who don’t maintain 80 percent attendance will be on attendance probation.

Certificate of Completion and Graduation:

Students who take 3 terms of the same class, make a C+ or higher, and have 80 percent attendance are eligible to receive a certificate of completion for that class.  Students who complete 3 terms of our 18-hour program, have an overall average of C+ or higher, and have an overall attendance percentage of 80 percent are eligible to graduate.

Specialty Group Classes

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