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The English Island Reviews and Testimonials

The English Island is a great place for students to study. Our classes are designed to be personal, efficient, and engaging. Our students laugh and learn a lot every day and are never bored. Here is what our students are saying about us:

To whom this may concern:

I am writing to you today because I want to let you know how content I am with my experience at The English Island School. I am very happy to inform that, ever since I joined the classes, I have learned new things and new grammar rules that I had never known.

The first thing I want to add is that the school is in a great location where I don’t have to travel far to it. The hours of my classes were good hours where I could wake up at an appropriate time, and traffic wasn’t bad either. I also want to say that the director, Billy, is a good man. He makes very good prices for me, and I have learned that I can trust that people here in America will be honest with my wallet and me.   He was very flexible with the prices and even gave me a free week of class because I came during a promotion.

The second thing I want to add is that the students that I worked with were very friendly. They were from all over the world, so this helped me to be challenged in learning English. I couldn’t speak my original, native language even if I wanted to! I am from Colombia and even though it was harder for some of the other students to learn this language, it was easier for me because a lot of verbs translated the same and a lot of words were spelled the same in Spanish and English.

The third thing I want to add is that the teachers are very helpful in everything! They were very patient and calm with us and worked at our pace. They also answered every question and doubt that we had and were very enthusiastic about it. They were genuine and loving towards us, and I think this is very important to teach non-native speakers.

I would highly recommend the English Island because not only are the prices flexible, the teachers and the location are great. I came in knowing very little English, and I am now able to write this letter to you today. It may be not perfect, but now you can understand me, whereas before I couldn’t even explain myself at all.

Thank you English Island, I am continually practicing my English, and I will always remember the teachers and my new friends at The English Island School!

Arturio M

Atlanta Resident from Colombia

It has been the best experience that I have had in my life. When I came to Atlanta, I couldn’t understand and speak English very well, but now I can. The ESL courses and the teachers are amazing!

Rogerio Melo

Smyrna Resident from Brazil

It was one of the best educational experiences of my life, not just for the great teachers, but it was a complete system where you meet new friends from around the world, and you have the opportunity to have a new family. I will never forget my time here!

Carlos Ramos

Sandy Springs Resident from Venezuela

The ESL classes improved my reading, writing, and listening skills. With my English progress, it is going to be easier for me to enroll in a PhD program.

Grace Young Park

Doraville Resident from South Korea

I had so many positive experiences this session. I think my English is better than in the past. I removed my fear of English.

Maria Modelo

Smyrna Resident from Peru

I learned a lot about American culture and pronunciation. In Business English, I learned how to write a resume and a cover letter in American English.

Ibrahim Al Sultan

Atlanta Resident from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The professors helped me a lot. They helped me not only by teaching English but also by being good advisors/friends. They encouraged me to do things here positively. The ESL program helped me to speak English.

Pierre DeChalle

Kennesaw Resident from France

It improved my reading skills. I learned how to read textbooks and how to communicate with American people smoothly. I had a valuable time in these classes.

Horst Klein

Atlanta Resident from Germany

I think it is a great experience. The new culture and school system were very interesting to learn. Studying here was really enjoyable. The ESL program encouraged us to speak and gave valuable advice on how to make our speech more organized. I feel that my writing and reading became much better, and, of course, it improved our listening comprehension and helped us to communicate much easier.


Catalina Gomez



2028 Powers Ferry Rd. SE
Suite 160
Atlanta, GA 30339

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