Numbers and Counting: 1000 to 999,999


This week, we’ll continue our lessons on the English expression of numbers by looking at the words for 1000 to 999,999. As with last week’s lessons, we’ll be breaking these words down into manageable chunks, explaining each group of numbers before moving on to the next. This lesson builds on the previous lesson. If you are not familiar with counting from 0 to 999 in English, we recommend reading that lesson before beginning this one.



Four digit numbers are counted with the word “thousand”:


1000 One thousand 6000 Six thousand
2000 Two thousand 7000 Seven thousand
3000 Three thousand 8000 Eight thousand
4000 Four thousand 9000 Nine thousand
5000 Five thousand    


When the final two numbers of a four digit number are 0s, native English speakers sometimes express these numbers in terms of hundreds instead of thousands. For example:


1200 One thousand two hundred Twelve hundred
1600 One thousand six hundred Sixteen hundred
3500 Three thousand five hundred Thirty-five hundred
4300 Four thousand three hundred Forty-three hundred
7700 Seven thousand seven hundred Seventy-seven hundred
9400 Nine thousand four hundred Ninety-four hundred


Many native speakers use these alternate expressions when speaking because they find them easier to pronounce than the primary ones. In general, you should avoid using them when writing, especially when money is involved. For, example, you would write out $1400 on a check as “one thousand four hundred dollars,” NOT “fourteen hundred dollars.”



Five digit numbers are expressed in terms of tens of thousands:


10,000 One thousand 60,000 Six thousand
20,000 Two thousand 70,000 Seven thousand
30,000 Three thousand 80,000 Eight thousand
40,000 Four thousand 90,000 Nine thousand
50,000 Five thousand    


Note that while a comma is used to separate the numerals themselves into groups of 3, native English speakers usually do not include the comma unless a number contains five or more digits.



Just as five digit numbers are expressed in tens of thousands, six digit numbers are expressed in terms of hundreds of thousands.


100,000 One hundred thousand 600,000 Six hundred thousand
200,000 Two hundred thousand 700,000 Seven hundred thousand
300,000 Three hundred thousand 800,000 Eight hundred thousand
400,000 Four hundred thousand 900,000 Nine hundred thousand
500,000 Five hundred thousand    


By combining what we’ve learned about numbers from this lesson and the previous one, we can express all of the numbers up to 999, 999. Here are some examples from 1000 to 999, 999.


1327 One thousand three hundred twenty-seven
1700 One thousand seven hundred (Seventeen hundred)
5044 Five thousand forty-four
10,058 Ten thousand fifty-eight
12,200 Twelve thousand two hundred
16,305 Sixteen thousand three hundred five
203,000 Two hundred three thousand
794,568 Seven hundred ninety-four thousand five hundred sixty-eight
999,999 Nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine