Why The English Island Was Started

By Our Founder and Director:

The English Island was started out of frustration. I have been an English teacher since 1999. Throughout my career, I worked at a myriad of schools, universities, large companies, and small companies. I realized that none of the schools or companies I worked for ever truly took care of people the way they should have or the way they claimed they would.

There was always a disconnect between the business side and academic side of each place. The places I worked for spent more time worrying about making their next dollar instead of making sure that their students were getting what they needed.

After more than 10 years of putting up with the same complaints from students about the lack of good teachers, I had had enough. I wanted to create a place where students could go and know that they were in good hands, a place where the teachers were all high-level teachers, so I started The English Island in Atlanta, GA, USA.

Quality Instructors

I wanted The English Island to have the best team of ESL instructors, so I interviewed continuously looking to find teachers that are not only well-educated and experienced but also have a passion for helping people.

After a few years of doing this, I understood why most places would lose sight of their students’ needs. It is extremely time-consuming and expensive to constantly interview and search for high-caliber, professional teachers. All of this hard work has paid off in the end, though, as we are now widely known as the premier English language school in the Greater Atlanta area.

Honesty and Integrity

We are fully committed to academic integrity. We do exactly what we say we are going to do. There are no gimmicks, no sales fluff, and no unfulfilled claims. The English Island is primarily focused on giving the best English language instruction possible and on genuinely helping our students the right way.

Our A-team of teachers help students not just for a paycheck but because we truly have a passion for helping people. The most important thing to us is that students reach their goals or get closer to their dreams.

Our mission statement is not just something we threw together; it contains the principles this institute was founded upon:

The mission of The English Island is to provide the level of English instruction necessary for students to achieve their personal and career goals on the pathway to success.

Our approach is one of devotion, passion, and integrity.


The English Island Seal

The English Island

I think it is a great experience. The new culture and school system were very interesting to learn. Studying here was really enjoyable. The ESL program encouraged us to speak and gave valuable advice on how to make our speech more organized. I feel that my writing and reading became much better, and, of course, it improved our listening comprehension and helped us to communicate much easier.

- Catalina Gomez, Marietta Resident from Colombia