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English Grammar

Proper grammar usage is essential for all types of business correspondence. Professionals who can write clearly and correctly are an invaluable resource for companies. When emails, memos, reports, and other types of business correspondence contain basic grammatical errors, they can lead to misunderstandings and a lowering of the esteem of one’s company in the eyes…

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Dentistry English for Brazilians

The English Island offers an Intensive English Immersion course that is specifically designed for Brazilian Dentistry professionals to improve their fluency and their confidence in English. After several years of working with Dentistry professionals from Brazil, we created a challenging English course to help Brazilian Dentistry professionals focus on the common grammar and pronunciation mistakes…

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Accent Reduction

Oral communication skills are crucial in today’s business and professional environments. Being able to clearly convey one’s ideas is essential for individual business success and the success of one’s company. Miscommunication due to foreign or strongly-regional accents adversely impacts corporate productivity and unfairly hinders the advancement of otherwise-fluent English speakers. Non-native speakers in particular often…

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Individual ESL Courses

The English Island is a hub for English courses. We began with the mission of providing Atlanta with the best English-learning experience possible. Today we continue to uphold that tradition by offering high-quality English courses that are tailored to the unique needs of each and every individual student. The English Island offers a diverse range…

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Group ESL Classes

General English Group Class Information Terms for group classes start every 6 weeks Each general English class is 12 hours per week We have 10 levels of language comprehension, from beginning to advanced A full program for completion is 3 terms of the same class Please see below for class schedules and our program calendar…

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Corporate / Business English Classes

The English Island Business English courses focus on the practical application of basic language usage skills, with a special emphasis on the unique vocabulary, grammar, and idioms of the business world. Unlike general ESL language courses, the Business English classes offered by The English Island are designed from the ground up to maximize understanding and…

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F-1 Visa English Courses

Thank you for your interest in our International Student Program! Below you will find some information and links to more detailed information about our program. Please contact us if you have any questions. Terms start every six weeks. A full program for graduation is 3 terms of 18 hours per week or a total of…

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