Oral communication skills are crucial in today’s business and professional environments. Being able to clearly convey one’s ideas is essential for individual business success and the success of one’s company. Miscommunication due to foreign or strongly-regional accents adversely impacts corporate productivity and unfairly hinders the advancement of otherwise-fluent English speakers. Non-native speakers in particular often struggle with being understood clearly when speaking. Accent Reduction courses help to remove these barriers by training non-native speakers in clear, consistent standards of pronunciation that are easily understood by the vast majority of native English speakers.

English Island Accent Reduction private lessons teach business professionals the Standard American Accent—the patterns of inflection and intonation used by newscasters and other television and radio personalities throughout the United States. Because of its widespread adoption in media, the Standard American Accent has also become the standard of oral communication preferred by American businesses.

Accent Reduction courses offered by The English Island are custom-designed to fit the busy schedules of professionals. Our combination of on-site instruction and flexible hours creates a language-learning experience that fits seamlessly around existing professional commitments. Students are given formal assessments of their current English pronunciation and intonation, and any problem areas are identified. Courses are then tailor-made to address both the specific needs of the students and the unique challenges of their particular workplace. All English Island Accent Reduction courses are taught by experienced, highly-trained, and passionate educators who specialize in the specific English language skills necessary to communicate effectively in a professional environment.

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