In order to enroll in our 18-hour per week international student program, 12-hour per week program, and 3/6 hour per week specialty classes an in-country student, the student must be age 18 or older, preferably with a high school diploma for his/her country. Students must be literate in their own languages and have the financial capability to undertake our program. Students who do not meet some of these qualifications (particularly the literacy qualifications) may be enrolled in private lessons in order to work up to the level where he/she may apply for entrance to our group-class program. Corporate lessons are offered to in-country students only. Private lesson packages are available to in-country students and, in some cases, to out-of-country students visiting the US on a tourist visa.

Group classes start every 6 weeks. In some cases, students can enter the class after the initial start date. If a student enters a class late, he/she is responsible for the material missed. It is the student’s responsibility to get the material from the teacher. If needed, the student can request tutoring sessions to assist with what has been missed.