The English Island offers an Intensive English Immersion course that is specifically designed for Brazilian Dentistry professionals to improve their fluency and their confidence in English. After several years of working with Dentistry professionals from Brazil, we created a challenging English course to help Brazilian Dentistry professionals focus on the common grammar and pronunciation mistakes typically made by Portuguese speakers. Designed specifically to focus on the unique needs of dentists, we intensely cover objectives particularly helpful to dentists from Brazil, such as dentistry vocabulary, pronunciation of dental terms, and public speaking.

We offer this intensive course both in group classes and in private classes. A more detailed explanation of this one-of-a-kind course is written below in Portuguese. Please let us know if you would like more information, and please take a look at some of the testimonials from our former Brazilian Dentistry English students.


VISA PROGRAM (72 hours) 18 hours per week (Required)

8 hours of Grammar and Common Mistakes (2 hours, M-Th)

4 hours of Pronunciation (2 hours T and Th)

4 hours of Public Speaking/Presentations (2 hours M and W)

2 hours per week of Presentation Practical Lab

Please note that the days of the week for the specific courses may vary based on scheduling considerations, but that the number of hours remains consistent.

Placement and Program Tracks:

Once you have applied and been accepted, the School Director will call you to do a placement interview.  The interview combined with your Ventures placement test or submitted scores will determine whether you will be placed into track 1 of our program (for B1 students) or track 2 (for B2 or higher.)

Dental Program Can-Do Statements

By the end of Track 1, the student will be able to

  • Give a prepared straightforward presentation on a familiar topic within his/her field which is clear enough to be followed without difficulty most of the time
  • Explain the main points and basic details of an oral presentation with reasonable precision and clarity
  • Respond to basic follow up questions after a presentation even though repetition may be needed in some cases
  • Organize a straightforward presentation for logical flow using appropriate B1-level transitions
  • Employ simply strategies to ensure a presentation is appropriate for its audience
  • Demonstrate improved pronunciation of Portuguese specific pronunciation errors
  • Demonstrate a limited ability to identify focus words and divide words into thought groups
  • Use with reasonable accuracy a repertoire of B1-level grammar patterns commonly misused by Portuguese speakers

By the end of  Track 2, the student will be able to

  • Give a clear, prepared presentation, giving reasons in support for or against a particular point of view and giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options.
  • Explain the main points and complete details of a presentation with precision and clarity
  • Respond to a variety of follow up questions after a presentation
  • Demonstrate the ability to vary organization, style, and content of a presentation based on the needs of the audience
  • Use new and varied combinations and B2-level expressions to clarify or emphasize meaning in a presentation
  • Demonstrate improved pronunciation of basic and more advanced Portuguese-specific errors
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify focus words and divide words into thought groups
  • Show a relatively high degree of grammatical control of A1-B2-level grammar patterns commonly misused by Portuguese speakers

Admissions Requirements

In order to enroll in our Dental English program, students must a) be at least 18 years old, b)be able to read and write in his/her own language, c)have graduated high school, and   d)  demonstrate a level of NRS Low Intermediate or higher (B1 in the Common European Framework.)  The student’s level will be assessed via an online placement test as well as a speaking interview with the director.  In lieu of the online placement test, the following scores may be admissible as a way of demonstrating an appropriate level.

Passing score on the Cambridge English Preliminary (PET) or BEC Prelim

IELTS 4                                                          TOEFL iBT 57

TOEIC Listening & Reading 550                   TOEIC Speaking & Writing 240

BEST Plus Speaking Score 439

Application Process

When F-1 visa students apply for the Dental English program, they must submit an application an application package. No application fee is required for this program. The application must include an online application, copy of high school diploma or other higher education, our online placement test or copies of score reports from TOEIC, IELTS, or TOEFL, copy of the student’s passport, and proof of financial support (copies of bank statements of the applicant.)  Students who are being sponsored should provide the bank statements or payroll statements of the sponsor along with a signed statement verifying that the specific individual agrees to sponsor the student.  Students who plan on bringing dependents must provide proof of relationship in the form of a marriage certificate and birth certificates for any children.  The material will be reviewed and the student will receive a letter of acceptance or denial within 2 weeks of our receipt of a completed application package.


Our program does not provide housing.  We can provide you with some suggestions of places to look upon request. Please note that you should find a place that is 45 minutes away from the school or less.

Program Activities

Atlanta is a vibrant place with lots of things to do.  As students of the English Island, you are welcome to attend any of the events held by the Student Activities Coordinator throughout the month.  Please check the schedule for details.

Intensive English Immersion Course for Brazilian Dentistry Professionals

Nós temos tido muitos dentistas Brasileiros ao longo dos anos e todos precisam das mesmas coisas. Assim sendo, nós criamos um curso específico para os profissionais da odontologia do Brasil para melhorar as áreas mais frágeis que nós já sabemos. Focamos fortemente no vocabulário, pronúncia, gramática, e falar em público.

A maior parte do vocabulário que focamos é fora da odontologia, já que a maioria dos profissionais da área já sabem este vocabulário esotérico. Nós focamos em um vocabulário mais geral e comunicativo usado em áreas profissionais e também as expressões idiomáticas mais comuns.

Nós então olhamos para a pronúncia dos vocabulários relacionados com a odontologia e o vocabulário comunicativo. Por exemplo, a maioria das pessoas que falam Português tem muita dificuldade com a pronúncia do “TH”, já que este som não existe em Português. Nós mostramos aos nossos alunos como criar este som corretamente em Inglês para melhorar a habilidade de comunicação para que as pessoas possam entender melhor.

Com palavras importantes como “tooth” e “teeth”, é essencial que os dentistas tenham uma pronunciação apropriada do “th”, assim também como vários outros sons em Inglês que são difíceis para pessoas que falam Português.

Nós também focamos nos erros gramaticais e ensinamos os alunos como reconhecer e melhorar as coisas que eles estão fazendo errado. Nossa abordagem é na realidade bem parecida com a odontologia – nós diagnosticamos o que está errado e então fazemos um plano para consertar estes erros. Com a pronúncia, a maioria das pessoas que falam Português fazem os mesmos erros gramaticais em Inglês, então nós temos um curso de gramática que foca especificamente nestas áreas.

Além das áreas acima, nós também olhamos a área de falar em público. Todos os nossos profissionais da odontologia precisam se preparar para apresentações, discursos, e encontros e cuidados com os seus pacientes. Nós também ensinamos a melhor abordagem para falar em público, as coisas que se devem evitar, e também os problemas mais comuns que as pessoas que falam Português têm em Inglês.

Este curso de 4 semanas é bem intensivo e fornece para as pessoas que falam Português a habilidade e a confiança que elas precisam para melhorar o nível de profissionalismo em odontologia em Inglês.

Por favor entre em contato com a gente se vocês tiverem perguntas. Nós ficaremos muito felizes em ajudá-los.”

What Our Students Say About Us

"I learned a lot about American culture and pronunciation. In Business English, I learned how to write a resume and a cover letter in American English."

Ibrahim Al Sultan
Atlanta Resident from Saudi Arabia

"It was one of the best educational experiences of my life, not just for the great teachers, but it was a complete system where you meet new friends from around the world, and you have the opportunity to have a new family."

Carlos Ramos
Sandy Springs Resident from Venezuela

"Studying here was really enjoyable. The ESL program encouraged us to speak and gave valuable advice on how to make our speech more organized."

Catalina Gomez
Marietta Resident from Colombia