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Group ESL Classes

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General English Group Class Information

  • Terms for group classes start every 6 weeks
  • Each general English class is 12 hours per week
  • We have 10 levels of language comprehension, from beginning to advanced
  • A full program for completion is 3 terms of the same class
  • Please see below for class schedules and our program calendar

Specialty Group Class Information

  • Terms for specialty classes start every 6 weeks
  • Each specialty English class is 3 hours per week, but students may take up to 3 specialty classes a week for a total of 9 hours per week if desired
  • Classes include grammar, pronunciation, conversation, and business English
  • To receive a certificate of completion a student must complete 3 terms of the same class
  • Please see below for class schedules and our program calendar

Admission Requirements

For entrance into our group and specialty classes, students must be at least 18 years of age and have obtained a high school diploma and be literate in his/her own language. If you do not meet these requirements, you may be eligible for our private lesson program. Please see links on the sidebar for more information.

Placement Procedure

Before entering class, you will take the BEST Plus speaking test to determine your level. This speaking exam places you in one of the designated NRS Levels—Beginning Literacy, Low Beginning, High Beginning, Low Intermediate, High Intermediate, or Advanced. You are eligible for general courses and electives based on your placement scores. In some cases, you may take a written placement exam as well to ensure proper placement.


All of our classes align with the National Reporting Standards. The chart below gives a summary of our current classes and how they correspond to these standards.

Beginning LiteracyLevel 1A, 1BBL Vocabulary I, BL Vocabulary II
Low BeginningConversation IA, Conversation IB
High BeginningLevel 3A, 3BConversation IIA, Conversation IIB
Low IntermediateLevel 4A, 4BPronunciation I, Pronunciation IIConversation III, Conversation IV
High IntermediateLevel 5A, 5BPronunciation IIIConversation III, Conversation IV
Advanced (B2)Level 6A, 6BPhrasal Verbs I, Phrasal Verbs II
C1Level 7A, 7BAcademic Vocabulary I, Academic Vocabulary II, Phrasal Verbs III, Phrasal Verbs IV

Attendance Policy

All ESL students must be in class every day on time. Attendance in all classes is required. Students must have a minimum of 80% attendance overall at all times and to receive a certificate of completion.

Certificate of Completion and Graduation

Students who take 3 terms of the same class, make a C+ or higher, and have 80 percent attendance are eligible to receive a certificate of completion for that class. Students who complete 3 terms of our 18-hour program, have an overall average of C+ or higher, and have an overall attendance percentage of 80 percent are eligible to graduate.

What Our Students Say About Us

"I learned a lot about American culture and pronunciation. In Business English, I learned how to write a resume and a cover letter in American English."

Ibrahim Al Sultan
Atlanta Resident from Saudi Arabia

"It was one of the best educational experiences of my life, not just for the great teachers, but it was a complete system where you meet new friends from around the world, and you have the opportunity to have a new family."

Carlos Ramos
Sandy Springs Resident from Venezuela

"Studying here was really enjoyable. The ESL program encouraged us to speak and gave valuable advice on how to make our speech more organized."

Catalina Gomez
Marietta Resident from Colombia