COVID-19 Policies and Guidelines for Students

(November 2022 Update)

Below are COVID-19 policies, guidelines, and best practices for students. The purpose of these policies and guidelines is to 1) maintain a clean and hygienic school campus, 2) limit the possibility of COVID-19 infection and transmission, and 3) create a safe environment for the students, faculty, and staff of The English Island (TEI).

Vaccination Policy

Students of TEI are not required to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination. However, vaccination is strongly encouraged. TEI reserves the right to update this policy in accordance with current CDC guidance.

Self-Isolation Policy

Students who develop COVID-19 symptoms should notify their teacher and the Registrar via phone or email. Students should not come to the school for any reason if they are symptomatic.

The student should receive a COVID-19 test from a testing center or a medical professional or take a home test. If the student is positive for COVID-19, the student must take another COVID test and receive a negative result before returning to class in person. Home tests are acceptable, but PCR tests are preferred, especially for F-1 students.

F-1 students wishing to receive Reduced Course Load (RCL), must submit a note from a medical doctor. Contact the PDSO and DSO at for more information.

Students who have been exposed but are asymptomatic may continue to attend class. However, they will be required to wear a KN95 mask over the nose and mouth for 5 days from last day of possible exposure.


These policies will be actively enforced by teachers and admin. Students who come to class with COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home until such time as they can produce a negative test.