Adjective Clauses Quiz

An adjective clause is a group of words that modifies (describes) a noun or pronoun. These clauses begin with relative pronouns or subordinating conjunctions, such as who, which, what, that, whose, whom, when, and where. Adjective clauses are always dependent. In other words, you can remove an adjective clause without “breaking” the grammar of the main clause of a sentence.


For this quiz, identify the adjective clause and the noun it modifies in each sentence. Check the end of the quiz to see how you did. If you need more help with adjective clauses or any other aspect of the English language, contact the English Island in Atlanta. Our experienced, passionate ESL teaches can create a program that is custom-tailored to your individual needs.


  1. This is the same jacket that my cousin owns.


  1. The English Island, which is located in Atlanta, offers individual and small group ESL classes.


  1. Allie is the student who founded the community service club.


  1. The company that placed the ad has already filled the position.


  1. The school committee asked the judge whose daughter was nominated for the science prize to abstain from voting.


  1. Kennedy is the counselor for whom you are looking.


  1. The building where Carter works is in Smyrna.


  1. Junior year is the time when most students take the SAT.


  1. My friend who lives in Marietta is a teacher.


  1. The town through which we drove had an abandoned steel mill.





  1. “that my cousin owns” – modifies “jacket”
  2. “which is located in Atlanta” – modifies “the English Island”
  3. “who founded the community service club” – modifies “student”
  4. “that placed the ad” – modifies “company”
  5. “whose daughter was nominated for the science prize” – modifies “judge”
  6. “for whom you are looking” – modifies “counselor”
  7. “where Carter works” – modifies “building”
  8. “when most students take the SAT” – modifies “time”
  9. “who lives in Marietta” – modifies “friend”
  10. “through which we drove” – modifies “town”