Business English

The English Island in Atlanta offers many services of interest to business professionals. One of our most popular, versatile, and useful is business English instruction. These classes focus on the practical application of the English language as it applies to the business world. Unlike traditional ESL classes, business English courses are designed from the ground up to maximize understanding and implementation of the peculiar form of English used for professional interactions throughout the United States.

Business English class teachers specialize in quickly familiarizing professionals with basic language usage skills. Alongside language fundamentals, students begin to learn the unique vocabulary, grammar, and idioms of the English-speaking business world. American business has, in essence, developed its own unique dialect that allows professionals with very different regional dialects to communicate effectively. A regional manager raised in Georgia can clearly and accurately communicate with his or her counterpart in California through their shared knowledge of business English. This “dialect” contains its own particular rules for language usage. Many of the terms and concepts used on a daily basis are unique to American business. Common English words can also take on entirely different meanings when used in a professional context.


English Island business English classes afford professionals throughout Metro Atlanta the opportunity to learn and practice the more idiosyncratic aspects of business English in a realistic yet safe environment. Professionals are not simply lectured on how to speak, compose emails, write reports, create and deliver presentations, explain processes, negotiate agreements, and resolve problems. On the contrary, professionals spend the majority of their classroom time practicing their business English usage through a variety of interactive activities. Reading, writing, listening, and speaking exercises help to ease beginning speakers into the usage of these skills. More advanced students engage in mock-business scenarios. These complex problem-solving and role-playing exercises are designed to tax the business English skills of professionals by accurately recreating challenging real-world situations.