Gerunds Quiz

This week’s lesson is a short quiz on one of the first topics we covered: gerunds.


Gerunds are verbals made by adding “-ing” to verbs. Verbals are words made from verbs that function as other parts of speech. Gerunds are derived from verbs but are used as nouns. They can fulfill all the same roles in a sentence that a noun can: subject, direct object, indirect object, subject complement, and object of a preposition.


For this quiz, fill in the blank space in each sentence with an appropriate gerund. We’ve provided possible gerunds at the end of the quiz. However, these are not the only acceptable gerunds for each sentence, so try to be creative in your answers.


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  1. __________ requires a license.


  1. The New Year’s Eve fireworks kept Jane from


  1. The store appreciated Alicia __________ to work during the ice storm.


  1. Michael’s favorite way to relax is


  1. The student makes __________ his main priority.


  1. When Gerald asked for an expensive set of gear for his birthday, his parents realized that he was devoted to


  1. __________ is how Julia earned extra money during college.


  1. Mary’s worst quality is


  1. John spends all of his spare time


  1. Emily enjoys __________ with her friends.







Possible answers include:


  1. Driving, fishing, hunting
  2. Sleeping
  3. Agreeing, offering, volunteering
  4. Reading, writing, jogging
  5. Studying
  6. Climbing, hiking, fencing or any other gerund related to an activity that requires specialized equipment
  7. Babysitting
  8. Daydreaming, procrastinating
  9. Practicing, studying
  10. Dancing, knitting, bowling