Students who want to transfer into our program must provide us with all application documentation and a $185 transfer application fee, then TEI will give the student a Transfer IN Form. The student must return the Transfer IN form. They should apply for transfer 2-4 weeks prior to the desired transfer program start date and must start our program at the beginning of a term. We will review each student’s application and upon approval an Acceptance Letter will be issued to the student to give with their Transfer IN Form to the transfer out school to determine a transfer date. The student is required to start the next available start date. Once the release date is determined at the transfer out school the Transfer IN Form should be returned to The English Island PDSO.

To be eligible, the student must be in good standing with USCIS (meaning a GPA of C+ or higher, 80 percent attendance, and no disciplinary infractions.)


Once the student has been accepted students must come to the school a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the start date in order to enroll for classes. Payment for the first transfer session is due at the time of enrollment. All other payments are due 2 weeks in advance of the next term. Transfer students will receive the BEST Plus speaking exam when their Orientation is scheduled as well as their tentative schedules at the time of enrollment.

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